You Kikkawa and Mayu Yoshikawa formed a pop unit

"The title of our new song is Unfamiliar." “No, the title is Sagrada Familia, isn't it?”

You Kikkawa(Kikka) held a live show called “Kikkawa You Live 2023 Kikka on Winter” at Omotesando-GROUND on January 28th. Mayu Yoshikawa (Maa-chan) appeared on stage as a guest and announced that Kikkawa and Yoshikawa had formed a pop unit. 


During the midfield part of the show, Kikka brought Maa-chan on stage and she sang the song “Konna Watashi de Yokattara,” an original song by Kikka. 

Afterwards, Kikka and Maa-chan announced that they had formed a new unit (pop duo) and performed their original song “Unfamiliar” with lyrics by Maa-chan.

Mayu Yoshikawa and You Kikkawa

“I wrote lyrics about my feelings towards Tokyo, the city I have come to. Although Kikka and I are not the same age and have not lived in Tokyo for the same amount of time, I also included our differences in the lyrics. The title of this song is Unfamiliar.”– Mayu Yoshikawa

“No, the title is Sagrada Familia, isn’t it?” — You Kikkawa 


Kikkawa and Yoshikawa


Maa-chan is a former member of Up Up Girls (2). Kikka has already formed a unit with Dekami-chan, but this is the first time she has formed a unit with Maa-chan.

Kikka and Maa-chan’s next live show are going to hold on March 12th.

You Kikkawa


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