Kikkawa You attributes her lack of future planning to her ESFP personality type.

Kikkawa You LIVE 2024: The Birth Kikka

Kikkawa You’s birthday live event, “Kikkawa You LIVE 2024: The Birth Kikka,” took place at the Loft Heaven live house in Shibuya on her actual birthday, May 1st.

Dressed in a lavender halter-neck dress, Kikkawa You graced the stage. She kicked off her 32nd birthday live performance with two songs: the updated 2022 version of “Arino mamano I LOVE YOU – Acid Love ver.” and the candid “Zakku Baran na Survive,” both showcasing a mature vibe and tight groove. The audience swayed to the rhythm, waving yellow penlights, thoroughly enjoying her live performance.



“Ah, I’ve turned 32. How do I look? At 32… Well, it’s not an age for being a good woman or cute anymore. Seriously, what am I? (A voice from the audience shouts, ‘You’re still young!’) Well, of course, compared to all of you, I might still seem young.”

Kikkawa You engaged in a talk reminiscent of conversations at a rundown snack bar counter. The unexpectedly rough-edged dialogue had the audience laughing uproariously.

During this birthday live event, a segment featuring pianist HAJIMETAL as a guest musician was prepared. Kikkawa seemed particularly pleased with today’s piano arrangement. “The piano version feels more mature, doesn’t it? I really like this. Let’s aim for this direction in future performances,” she expressed, hinting at the direction of her upcoming shows.

“Recently, I tried doing the MBTI test. Turns out, I’m somehow… an entertainer type. Yes, an ESFP. ESFPs are characterized as ‘energetic, loves fun things, and cheerful,’ which fits me perfectly. But there’s one flaw: ‘ESFPs live in the moment and don’t think about the future. Lack of planning is their downside.’ That struck a chord with me. I’ve said things like, ‘I’ll try playing the ukulele this year’ or ‘I’ll try Speed Learning,’ during previous birthday lives. But I never actually did them. It’s a flaw in my personality. So today, I wanted everyone to understand that I’m someone who doesn’t plan for the future.”

The MBTI test revealed that Kikkawa You’s inherent personality traits were the reason her annual birthday goals remained unfulfilled. As the audience listened to her “explanation,” one could sense their response: “Here she goes again.” However, we know Kikkawa You quite well. She’s earnest when not on stage. Therefore, whether it’s the ukulele or Speed Learning, they weren’t crucial aspects of her daily life or entertainment career. Consequently, they naturally fell down her list of priorities and were eventually abandoned.

Life is a series of choices and sacrifices.

Kikkawa You

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