Maaya Takeda, her hair color had changed into blonde.

"Finally, I want to be like Taylor Swift."

When Maaya Takeda appeared on the stage on December 12th. Her hair color had changed into blonde.

Maaya Takeda

The other day, she went to a beauty salon. She told the salon’s staff then.
“Finally, I want to be like Taylor Swift.” Although it meant “Someday, I want to be an artist like Taylor Swift.” the salon’s staff interpreted that she wants to cut and dye her hair like Taylor Swift on that day.

Finally, her hair was dyed into blonde (she didn’t notice her hair was made blonde because she was sleeping during her hair dye).

By the way, much audience said her live performance was marvelous that day, though she only did the stage “as usual”.

Every time, she performs to be on the stage “more wonderful than the previous one”.

Maaya Takeda

Maaya Takeda

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