Aya Kajishima from Up-up Girls (2) produced her original items

she may have the possibility to become popular in Shibuya

Aya Kajishima and Chinatsu Takahagi from Up Up Girls(2)

Aya Kajishima, a member of the Japanese girl group “Up-up Girls (2),” produced her original items, and they can be purchased at Shibuya 109.

Aya Kajishima meet Shibuya 109

"That is all" items by Aya Kajishima

Shibuya 109 is the heart of the Shibuya fashion. Many shops which are in the shopping complex have created the latest trend for Japanese teenagers.

Now, one of these shops has been selling the “That is all” items produced by Kajii. “That is all!” is her signature phrase she says with a salute when she is ending her live video.

"That is all" mobile phone case

These items, for example, work caps or mobile phone cases, may have the possibility to become popular among teenagers in Shibuya.

Aya Kajishima

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-> Aya Kajishima(鍛治島彩) Twitter
-> Aya Kajishima(鍛治島彩) SHOWROOM

-> Now available on online shopping!


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