Maaya Takeda was in trouble before singing “Goin’ my way”

"Maybe you know, my electric products often get broken!"

These days, Maaya Takeda keeps austere training on doing a stage performance in front of many crowds who don’t know about her. She did a stage on a live gig “Heart Beat!!” at Daikanyama LOOP on December 5th.

Maaya Takeda

At the end of singing two songs, her guitar made silence.

“Maybe you know, my electric products often get broken! I had my pc repaired three times a month. That’s me!”

She said so and laughed when the live-house’s staff attempted to solve the trouble.

On that day, she performed three songs including a new song “Going my way” after the problem was solved.

Maaya Takeda

Maaya Takeda

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