Why Maaya Takeda in a bad mood is good for us?

Maaya Takeda appeared in a live event "JEALOUS" at Shibuya Eggman

“How is Maaya today?”

“Yeah, she was in a bad mood from morning to when the rehearsal ended.”

“Oh, it’s nice.”


Maaya takeda

Even though Maaya Takeda has been often nervous and in a bad mood, it is good for us. When she is in a bad mood, she sings her song more emotionally on a stage. In that case, her stage performance becomes much better than usual. Her management staff and I have like the conversation of the beginning part in the text every time when I go to her live show.


Maaya is in a good mood?

Now, I’ll talk about Maaya’s stage at Shibuya Eggman on February 6th. She appeared in a live event “JEALOUS” at Shibuya Eggman. Her live performance was looking like in great condition because she was in a bad mood. It was very exciting, dynamic, and energetic. The audience in that event applauded her live stage on Twitter.


Maaya Takeda

Maaya is in a good mood?


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