Maaya wants to popularize phrases are “Tobi?” “Wow wow!”

The main personality in the JFN radio show "Lady Cloud".

The live show “NEW NOISE!” featuring Maaya Takeda, Masora Hino, and Sayaka Matsui (from Tenkou-Shojo) was held on April 17th at Shibuya Eggman. Maaya performed two new songs entitled “RADIO” and “Kawaki – Second Wind-“, and covered “Ashita, Haru Ga Kitara” by Takako Matsu.


Maaya Takeda

After she sang her new song “RADIO”, she talked to the audience.

“I have one phrase that I want to make it popular now! Can I say that?”


“When we are in high spirits, I say “Tobi?” and I want you to say “Wow!”. If we are in higher spirits, I want you to say “Wow wow!” or “Wow wow wow!”. Today, you can’t say or call something to prevent infection, but someday, I want you to do a call and response “Tobi wow wow wow! Yeah yeah yeah!” in my live show.”


When she said so, only her agency staff laughed…

Notes; “Tobi?” “Wow!” are inspired by the Japanese word “Tobiuo”, which means “Flying fish” in English.


Maaya Takeda Tobi Wow wow

Maaya appears on a JFN radio program “Lady Cloud” every Saturday at 5:00 AM as the main personality.


Maaya Takeda Tobi Wow wow

Maaya Takeda Wow wow


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